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Klymax Communications Unlimited

E-Marketing Solutions

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About Us

We are able to send a quality video advertisement by e-mail, or regular mail to over 30 million people. Reaching a targeted audience either residential, or business demographically utilizing zip codes, area codes, and/or type of business. This is probably the most effective medium of advertising today, the capability of presenting your product or service in the most personal way possible. Explode your message into the living rooms and offices of over 30 million people, with your own video cassette and/or compact disc infomercials.

At KlymaX Communications Unlimited we develop customized advertising packages designed for specific goods or services. Our unique three (3) step approach allows for the complete saturation of any targeted market. By utilizing today's technology, K.C.U. has allowed many small to medium size companies to compete against much larger competitors established advertising budgets. This is the FUTURE! Can you afford not to be in it?


Step 1.) E-mail 30 second video.

Step 2.) Link client or prospect to 5 minute infomercial.

Step 3.) Deliver by Bulk mail or Insertion of CD ROM discs to targeted markets.

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