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Skin Care Line

Wrinkle Cream - Hydra Essentials Wrinkle Cream helps lessen the visible impact of wrinkles and replaces lost essential fluids, giving a firmer, more youthful appearance. To Use: Massage gently into skin paying special attention to wrinkle-prone areas. 2 oz.

Night Cream - Hydra Essentials Night Cream is the ultimate moisturizer that works throughout the night. Used at bedtime, it allows for extended moisture retention and skin rejuvenation. To Use: Apply to face and throat before bedtime. Massage gently into skin with upward strokes until absorbed. 2 oz.


Body Lotion - Hydra Essentials Body Lotion soothes and moisturizes the skin and leaves a soft, subtle fragrance. To Use: Apply Hydra Essentials Body Lotion liberally morning and night for a silky smooth skin. For all over body use. 8 oz.


Moisturizer - Hydra Essentials Moisturizer helps lessen the visible impact of wrinkles and enhances and protects the skin. To Use: Apply to face and throat with gentle upward strokes until absorbed. 4 oz.


Eye Lotion - Hydra Essentials Eye Lotion is made exclusively for the delicate eye area where the skin is most vulnerable to drying and fine-line wrinkles. To Use: Pat gently under eyes from outer corner toward nose until absorbed. 2 oz.


Toner - Hydra Essentials Toner enriched with Shark Oil is an alcohol-free liquid formulated to remove the impurities brought to the surface of the skin by Hydra Essentials Cleansing Cream. It also helps to restore the correct pH balance of the skin. To Use: Saturate cotton pad with toner and stroke gently over face and throat, paying special attention to hairline, nose and chin areas. 8 oz.


Collagen Cream Hydra Essentials Collagen Cream is for all skin types and is designed to support your own collagen and slow the aging process. Use before applying Hydra Essentials Moisturizer. To Use: Apply a small amount of cream over entire face, eye and throat area using gentle upward strokes.
Enriched with shark oil-2oz.


Throat Lotion- Hydra Essentials Throat Lotion is highly concentrated with Vitamins A, D & E and is perfect for delicate areas that require extra care and attention. To Use: Apply by patting onto throat area morning and night. Massage gently with water moistened fingertips. 2 oz.
Enriched with shark oil-2oz.


Facial Masque- Hydra Essentials Facial Masque stimulates the skin's circulation and when used weekly, it helps to achieve a cleaner, firmer skin. To Use: Spread evenly over clean face and neck avoiding eye area. Relax and let dry thoroughly (10-15 minutes). Remove completely with warm water. Rinse again with cool water. 2 oz.
Enriched with shark oil-2oz.



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