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Applet Parameters

<applet code="navbar.class" width=600 height=120 MAYSCRIPT>
<param name=font value="TimesRoman">
<param name=fontstyle value="1">
<param name=size value="12">
<param name=target value="_blank">
<param name=bgImage value="logo.gif">
<param name=barposition value="top">
<param name=center value="yes">
<param name=hover value="yes">
<param name=spacing value="50">
<param name=BgColor value="FFFFFF">
<param name=BarButton value="10389F">
<param name=HBarColor value="10389F">
<param name=BarColor value="3058AF">
<param name=BarHFontColor value="FFCC66">
<param name=BarNFontColor value="FFFFFF">
<param name=HMenuColor value="10389F">
<param name=MenuColor value="3058AF">
<param name=MenuBorder value="3058AF">
<param name=HFontColor value="FFCC66">
<param name=NFontColor value="FFFFFF">
<param name=Menu0 value="Applet Information">
<param name=Menu0URL value="javascript:jj()">
<param name=Menu0Item0 value="General Information">
<param name=Menu0Item1 value="Applet Parameters">
<param name=Menu0Item2 value="Installation Information">
<param name=Menu0URL0 value="information.html">
<param name=Menu0URL1 value="parameters.html">
<param name=Menu0URL2 value="installation.html">
<param name=Menu0Target value="bottom">
<param name=Menu1 value="">
<param name=Menu1Item0 value="Main Page">
<param name=Menu1Item1 value="Ordering Information">
<param name=Menu1Item2 value="Contact Us">
<param name=Menu1URL0 value="">
<param name=Menu1URL1 value="">
<param name=Menu1URL2 value="">
<param name=Menu2 value="Navigation Applets">
<param name=Menu2Item0 value="NavButton">
<param name=Menu2Item1 value="NavBar Deluxe">
<param name=Menu2Item2 value="NavMenu Pro">
<param name=Menu2Item3 value="NavTool">
<param name=Menu2Item4 value="NavWinButton">
<param name=Menu2URL0 value="">
<param name=Menu2URL1 value="">
<param name=Menu2URL2 value="">
<param name=Menu2URL3 value="">
<param name=Menu2URL4 value="">
<param name=Menu3 value="Samples">
<param name=Menu3Item0 value="Open in new window">
<param name=Menu3Item1 value="Open in the same window">
<param name=Menu3Item2 value="Javascript Test">
<param name=Menu3URL0 value="installation.html">
<param name=Menu3URL1 value="installation.html">
<param name=Menu3Target0 value="_blank">
<param name=Menu3Target1 value="_top">
<param name=Menu3URL2 value="'','window')">

font : Font
fontstyle : Font style. Plain = 0; Bold : 1; Italic : 2; Bold + Italic : 3
size : Size of the font
target : Default target frame or windows for all links. Please click here for more information.
bgImage : Background image.
barposition : Position of the menu bar. "top" (default) or "bottom"
center : Auto-centers the background image. "yes" (default) or "no"
hover : Menu opens when mouse enters the menu title. "yes" (default) or "no"
spacing : Spacing between the menus
BgColor : Colour of the background in hexadecimal.
BarButton : Colour of the menu bar button in hexadecimal
HBarColor : Colour of the menu bar when highlighted
BarColor : Colour of the menu bar in hexadecimal
BarHFontColor : Colour of the menu title when highlighted
BarNFontColor : Colour of the menu title
HMenuColor : Colour of the menus when highlighted
MenuColor : Colour of the menus in hexadecimal
HFontColor : Colour of the menu items when highlighted
NFontColor : Colour of the menu items
Menu0, Menu1 ... Menu[i] : Menu title
Menu0URL, ... Menu[i]URL : Menu title hyperlink
Menu0Position, ... Menu[i]Position : Manual specification of position of the menu
Menu0Target, ... Menu[i]Target : Menu title hyperlink target for the menu
Menu0Item0, ... Menu[i]Item[j] : Menu item
Menu0URL0, ... Menu[i]URL[j] : Menu item hyperlink
Menu0Target0, ... Menu[i]Target[j] : Menu item hyperlink target