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GrowingImage version 1.1

This applet displays a single image with an animation on showing. You can set the animation speed, add a background image...






the image name



pause the animation pause (milliseconds) 100 required
background_image the background image name - optional
status_bar_text the text to display in the status bar when the mouse is over - optional
sound_name the sound played on load - optional
loop_sound - "yes" : to loop the onload sound
- "no" : played one time
no optional
enter_sound_name the sound played when mouse over - optional
clic_sound_name the sound played when click - optional
link URL linked page when click - optional
target the target of the new page :
- "_blank" : show in a new unnamed top-level window
          - "_self" : show in the current frame
           - "_parent" : show in the parent frame
           - "_top" : show in the top-most frame
or a custom frame name
_blank optional
enter_text the text displayed when mouse over - optional
enter_text_height the mouse over text height (pixels) 15 optional
enter_text_color the mouse over text color white optional
enter_text_font the mouse over text font name (read special notes below about font names) "TimesRoman" optional
enter_text_style the mouse over text font style: "plain", "bold", "italic" or "bold_italic" "bold" optional
registration_code the registration code - required


Special notes

* Font names: you can choose among these font names: "TimesRoman", "Helvetica" or ''Courier" (respect the case)

* You can put relative URL (to target a file on your site) or absolute (with "http://...") URL. example:
    relative URL: ../home/home.html
    absolute URL:

* The background color format is hexadecimal format like this : blue is "#0000ff"", red is "#ff0000" ... If you want that the background color is the same as the one of the page, look at the html source file and find the balise : <body bgcolor="#00FFFF"> then copy the value, here it's "#00ffff". Use the "HexColor" applet to convert RGB color to hexadecimal color.


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