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Thanks from the JJD Team
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JJD barLinker

JJD barLinker - a highly configurable set of 3D buttons proving an attractive means of allowing
users to navigate through your Web site.

Use the links above and visit the relevant pages on JJD's Web site to learn more about customising barLinker to meet your own Web site needs.

Unique features of barLinker include:
* Realistic 3D effects, generated entirely using Java's graphics routines - eliminating the need to download image files.
* Intelligently reactive to user actions. When the mouse passes over a button it changes colour and a message is displayed in the browsers status-bar. When a button is pressed, it drops down onto the page surface. If the user releases the mouse over a depressed button, then a new page is opened in a chosen frame or window - otherwise the button pops back up again!
* Highly configurable: set button attributes such as size and color; adjust text parameters such as size and style; set button behaviour on selection; align buttons either horizontally or vertically!

If you're using barLinker, why not get the JJD link button to provide a link to this site - in return, we add you to the upcoming user area!

To find out what other applets are available, why not visit the JJD home page now!